ACLU Welcomes Six New Dynamic Lobbyists To Washington Legislative Office

Office Staffed At Historic Levels To Take On Civil Liberties Issues In Congress WASHINGTON –The American Civil Liberties Union today proudly announced the addition of several new and influential lobbyists to its Washington Legislative Office (WLO), marking the office’s highest staff levels since its creation in 1952. “Never in the history of the ACLU have we had such a broad and robust lobbying team,” said Anthony D. Romero, ACLU Executive Director. “We are excited to welcome our new lobbyists and anticipate they will have a tremendous and immediate impact on the legislative and executive branch work of the ACLU.” “With these talented and influential new lobbyists joining our already top-notch team, our legislative advocacy for civil liberties on Capitol Hill and with the White House and executive branch agencies will be unparalleled,” said Laura W. Murphy, Director of the ACLU WLO. “From guarding religious and reproductive freedom, to ensuring LGBT Americans and racial minorities have equal protection under the law, to protecting Americans’ privacy, to fighting to maintain our freedoms in the national security arena, our dynamic team will work tirelessly to safeguard each and every individual’s rights in America. Our new staff will ensure the ACLU Washington Legislative Office is poised to become an even more influential force for civil liberties in the years to come.” Devon Chaffee joins the WLO team as Legislative Counsel and will lobby Congress and the executive branch on ACLU priorities in the field of international human rights. Chaffee joins the ACLU after nearly five years as Advocacy Counsel at Human Rights First where she advocated for counterterrorism and national security policies that are consistent with human rights law. Chaffee served as an observer to the military commissions proceedings in Guant