App Lets Employees Track Hours, Wages on Phones

Beware of a new wage-hour app released by the Department of Labor. Named DOL-Timesheet, employees can use the iPhone app to track hours worked and calculate wages. This includes overtime pay, and may eventually include bonuses, commissions, tips and holiday pay. In the event of an investigation, these real-time wage and hour records can be used against you. And with the rise of the overtime lawsuit, such an event is increasingly likely. Perhaps the only way to challenge an employee’s personal records is with your own. The Fair Labor Standards Act requires you to keep accurate wage and hour records, but does not mandate a specific format. Along with personal data and occupation, you will need to record : Time and day of week when an employee’s workweek begins Hours per day and per work Basis on which wages are paid Pay rate Total daily or weekly straight-time wages Total weekly overtime wages Paycheck deductions and additions Wages per each pay period Date of payment Dates of pay period covered Keep in mind that state laws may impose stricter recordkeeping requirements. This is a lot of information to maintain, so it is imperative that you create an accurate and easy-to-use system. It may be wise to consult with an attorney or a bookkeeper. Trade organizations may also be able to help. Detailed wage and hour records are ultimately your best defense against the wage-hour app and any wage-hour complaints or investigations. Related Resources: FAQs: Wage and Hour Laws (FindLaw) Federal Wage Law: The Fair Labor Standards Act (FindLaw) Groupon Sued Over Unpaid Overtime Pay (FindLaw’s Free Enterprise)

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App Lets Employees Track Hours, Wages on Phones

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