Don B. Kates

Position: Of Counsel
Direct Line: (562) 216-4444

Don Kates is one of the foremost litigators, criminologists and scholars on the Second Amendment and the fundamental right to self-defense and the individual right to keep and bear arms in the country. A renowned civil rights advocate, Professor Kates has been involved in practically every major case involving these issues for over 30 years. Professor Kates has also written extensively on these subjects, and has published numerous criminological reviews on gun control laws and their ineffectiveness in reducing violent crime.

Early in his career, Professor Kates did civil rights legal work in the South and clerked for civil rights lawyer William Kunstler. Professor Kates’ first decade in practice was with Legal Services for the poor where he handled constitutional and other major public interest civil rights litigation exclusively. After teaching constitutional and criminal law at St. Louis University, Professor Kates moved to San Francisco where he continued to practice civil rights advocacy and became involved in advocating on behalf of gun owners’ right to self-defense. Since then, he has handled many of the most significant cases in the country relating to the Second Amendment and self-defense civil rights. This subject remains his forte. Professor Kates has authored or edited several books and numerous articles on the law and criminology of firearms. He continues to lecture and teach on a variety of subjects.

Professor Kates graduated from Reed College in 1962 and Yale Law School in 1966.

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