California news: Should DA run rap sheets on police witnesses?

By Malaika Fraley – Contra Costa Times – Posted: 06/03/2011 03:15:56 PM PDT The California Supreme Court will decide whether Contra Costa County prosecutors should be required to run criminal background checks on police officers so defense attorneys can prepare to challenge their credibility before they are called as witnesses in court. The public defender’s office says they have an “indisputable duty,” while prosecutors have argued that such a requirement would be unduly burdensome. The chance that officers have a crime of moral turpitude in their backgrounds is small, and the chance that they have a past felony conviction is nonexistent, the district attorney’s office has said in court filings. Defense attorneys do not have the capability or authority to run background checks. [Full Story: ]

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California news: Should DA run rap sheets on police witnesses?

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