Cost-Cutting VoIP Solutions for Businesses

All businesses are on the lookout for cost-effective ways to run things. And Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone service is something most business owners should at least consider. It could end up helping your bottom line. For small business owners, or even larger businesses, VoIP can offer communication solutions that are cheaper than traditional phone systems – and arguably just as reliable. Using a VoIP provider can cut down on phone costs, adding to a firm’s bottom line. Since VoIP systems are not only gaining steam, but popularity, it seems that cost-conscious businesses should try to integrate some VoIP solutions into their daily business to save money. Such as: Mobile phone applications: Skype, one of the most popular VoIPs, offers a free mobile phone application. Since Skype users can call other Skype users for free if they are signed into their Skype account on their phone or computer, having associates or employees install and use Skype on their office mobile phones can save some cents. Computer-to-computer-to-phone: Did you know that you can sign up for a free phone number through Google Voice – and then use this phone number to dial numbers in the U.S. for free? Google Voice has an edge over Skype in terms of functionality. Not only will Google Voice allow you to have an actual phone number, but you can “sync” your Google Voice number with your mobile phone. If someone calls your Google Voice number and you happen to be away from the computer, your phone will ring. And, of course, it’s free – all you need is an internet connection. Landline replacements: Most offices have networked phones, which can be expensive to maintain. Not only do you have to pay for the phone subscription, but you probably have to pay an IT person to come fix the lines when they’re down. An alternative to expensive traditional office PBX systems include Grasshopper and 8×8 Virtual Office Pro . These VoIP solutions offer many of the features of a traditional landline system, like multiple extensions, with some extra perks – like unlimited calls. Security risks and internet downtime: Unfortunately, like most things that are on the internet, VoIPs are vulnerable to security risks. In some countries, hackers are starting to target VoIPs more , so getting a secure system is vital. And, if your internet is down, well, your VoIP will be down as well. Related Resources: 9 Great Alternatives to Skype for VoIP and Video Chat (GigaOm) Microsoft-Skype Deal Will Change Business Communication (AllBusiness) Skype iPhone App Sparks Net Neutrality Complaint to the FCC (FindLaw’s Technologist)

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Cost-Cutting VoIP Solutions for Businesses

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