Firearms General Reference Sources and Links

Websites Sponsored as a pro bono effort by Michel & Associates, P.C.  A comprehensive site set up to address frequently asked questions as well as provide background on legislation and litigation. answers most of the questions we get asked.  Be sure to subscribe for updates on our litigation and legislative efforts on behalf of the right to keep and bear arms.  A good forum for gun law discussions.  Lots of subjects covered.
www.CAAG.State.CA.US/firearms: California DOJ Firearms Division website.  Great reference on all state laws!
:  Official NRA Institute for Legislative Action website; complete research and reference section! California Rifle & Pistol Association Website. Farislaw US Case Law Search. FindLaw – Law Crawler Official NRA Website.  See “NRA Live!” Lots of information and NRA California’s Members’ Councils Grassroots Website.

Civil Rights Associations

National Rifle Association:
Complete research and reference section includes NRA’s Guide to California Gun Laws brochure (also available by mail to NRA members).  NRA’s Office of General Counsel does accept written questions from NRA members only.  Fax your questions with membership number to (703) 267-3985.

California NRA Offices:
California grassroots websites has reference sections on recent legal developments.  Also sign up for California legislation/election alerts!

California Rifle & Pistol Association:
Fullerton, California.  Official NRA state affiliate association.  Publishes the annual Summary of California Gun Laws booklet.  For a copy, call (800) 335-27772, or send $1.50 to CRPA, 271 E. Imperial Highway, Suite 620, Fullerton, California 92835. Sign up for alerts!

Gun Owners of California:
Sacramento, California.  State affiliate of Gun Owners of America.  California election oriented, but has state law references.

Reference Books

How to Own a Gun and Stay Out of Jail: What You Need to Know About the Law If You Own a Gun or Are Thinking of Buying One, California Edition. By John Machtinger. Great easy to read guide explains California gun laws. Updated annually and on the website. Send $12.95 (includes tax and postage) to Gun Law Press, P.O. Box 641369, Los Angeles, CA 90064.

The California Gun Owner’s Guide: By Alan Korwin, contains all CA gun laws, with updates for the last four years in plain English from state legislative office. Cost is $14.95 at You can link to the actual gun laws of CA and all other states with legislative law sites, from the blue button at This book will soon be replaced by a new book written by C.D. Michel.

The Traveler’s Guide to the Gun Laws of the 50 States: by Alan Korwin, has plain English summary of CA gun laws for travelers, along with all other states and Canada and Mexico. Cost is $9.95, see it (or get one) at

Government References

For general questions about gun law you may also want to review the Frequently Asked Questions section of both the California Department of Justice Bureau of Firearms site and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, FAQ site A number of firearm questions we receive can be answered by these sites.

California Department of Justice, Bureau:
(916) 263-4887 (general questions). California DOJ Firearms Division website: Great reference on all state laws. Be sure to download the DOJ’s “Assault Weapon Identification Guide,” Summary of California Firearms Laws, and Frequently Asked Questions.

Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives:

Primarily federal gun law information, with some state law information.

Ask questions of the Los Angeles Compliance Department: (213) 894-4815.

Direct more significant questions to:
Firearm Technology Branch: (202) 927-7910
650 Massachusetts Ave., NW
Room 6450
Washington, DC 20226