Baker v. Biaggi

Filing Date Filing Party Document Description
09.21.2010 Court Order Granting Stipulated Motion for Preliminary Injunction and to Stay Proceedings
09.21.2010 Court Minute Order
09.16.2010 Court Vacated Per Order
09.14.2010 Plaintiff Stipulation-Joint Motion for Preliminary Injunction
09.10.2010 Defendant Answer to Amended Complaint
08.26.2010 Plaintiff Amended Complaint
08.13.2010 Defendant Answer to Complaint
07.15.2010 Court Order Approving Verified Petition for Permission to Practice Pro Hac Vice
07.14.2010 Plaintiff Notice of Corrected Image/Document re Verified Petition
07.13.2010 Plaintiff 7.13.10 Complaint