How to Sell a Product on TV

Should you sell your product on QVC? How about on one of those “As Seen on TV” commercials? Or should you produce your own infomercial? If you’ve developed a unique product, chances are you’ve thought about selling it on TV. In fact, you’ve most likely considered infomercials, which are also known as Direct Response Television (DRTV). There’s a lot to consider before you sell on TV, including licensing rights and manufacturing . Below is a quick comparison of your three major options. Selling on TV: Shopping Channels This option is for self-sustaining entrepreneurs who need a little help. Networks like QVC and HSN do not manufacture the product. Inventors must show that they can provide a large volume of units in a timely matter. They’re also responsible for pitching the product on air. In exchange for that air time, the network takes a percentage of each sale and receives exclusive licensing rights for a set amount of time. Selling on TV: “As Seen on TV” There are a number of companies that sell these products, with the two major ones being Telebrand and TV Winners . They offer a bit more flexibility for inventors with great products but not a lot of money to invest. These companies will license your product and pay you royalties. They usually manufacture, market and conduct any research and development. Though you can sit back and collect your money, you might be giving up a lot of control. Selling on TV: Do-It-Yourself Infomercial production companies will help you produce and manage your marketing campaign. The benefit of this is that you have complete control over every part of your product and its sale. However, this option can be incredibly costly. You may need to pay an upfront fee or hand over a percentage of final sales. You’re also responsible for manufacturing. Choosing to sell on TV is a big decision and a big risk. So take your time and explore each option thoroughly. Related Resources: Patents and Your Business (FindLaw) Foreign Licensing of Your Intellectual Property Rights (FindLaw) How to Sell at Farmers’ Markets (FindLaw’s Free Enterprise)

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How to Sell a Product on TV

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