Montana Shooting Sports Association v. Holder


Date filedFiling PartyDocument Description
03/05/2013CourtAdded attorney Zachary Zipfel, Assistant Attorney General counsel for Amicus Curiae, State of Montana pursuant to brief [29] filed on 06/13/2011.
02/22/2013CourtOrder Granting Amici Curiae The Goldwater Institute and Cata Institute’s Motion Requesting Participation in Oral Argument and Additional Time
02/11/2013AmicusLetter Requesting that Caption be Correected
02/11/2013CourtAdded attorney Lawrence VanDyke for State of Montana, in case 10-36094.
02/11/2013Notice of Appearance for Lawrence Van Dyke for State of Montana
02/01/2013DefendantAcknowledgment of Hearing Notice for Eric J. Holder, Attorney General of the United States
02/01/2013CourtAdded attorney Mark R. Freeman for Eric H. Holder Jr., in case 10-36094.
02/01/2013AppellantAppellants Notice of Appearance for Mark R. Freeman
01/14/2013AppellantAppellants Notice of Supplemental Authorities re In re Thorpe Insulation Co., 677 F. 3d 869, 887 (9th Cir. 2012)
01/11/2013Amicus9th Circuit Rule 27 Motion Under FRAP 29 To Allow Amici Curiae The Goldwater Institute and Cato Institute, Permission to Participate In Oral Argument Allowing Amici an Additional Ten Minutes of Oral Argument
01/09/2013AmicusAcknowledgment of Hearing Notice for Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence
01/09/2013AmicusAcknowledgment of Hearing Notice for Weapons Collectors Society of Montana
01/08/2013AppellantAcknowledgment of Hearing Notice for Montana Shooting Sports Association
01/08/2013AmicusAcknowledgment of Hearing Notice for Amicus The Goldwater Institute
01/07/2013CourtNotice of Oral Argument
08/09/12CourtOrder Granting Motion to Reschedule
08/03/12AppellantsUnopposd Motion to Continue Hearing of Case
08/03/12Amici Curiae Goldwater Institute and Cato InstituteAcknowledgment of Hearing by Amicus Curiae Goldwater Institute
08/01/12Amicus Curiae Brady Center to Prevent Gun ViolenceBrady Center Acknowledgment of Hearing
07/31/12Amicus Curiae Steve BullockAcknowledgment of Hearing
07/26/12CourtOral Argument Set
07/23/12Amicus Curiae
Steve Bullock
Notice of Appearance of Matthew T. Cochenour for Sateve Bullock
07/19/12AppellantsAppellants Unopposed Motion to Life Stay
05/30/12Amicus Brady Center to Prevent Gun ViolenceNotice of Appearance of Counsel Lary Alan Rappaport for Amicus Curiae Brady Centero to Prevent Gun Violence
03/23/12AppellantsLetter to Court re Citation of Authorities
12/20/11CourtOrder to stay proceedings pending en banc decision in Nordyke v. King.
11/14/11AppellantsAppellants’ Motion for Miscellaneous Relieff
08/04/11AppellantsAppellants’ Reply Brief
07/27/11Amici Curiae Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence et al.Brief of Amici Curiae Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence
07/21/11AppelleeAppellees Answering Brief
06/17/11AppelleeAppellee Eric H. Hold Correspondene re 14 Day Extention Letter
06/13/11Amicus Curiae Goldwater
Institute and CATO Institute
Brief of Amici Curiae the Goldwater Institute
06/13/11Amicus Curiae Gun Owners of America, Inc.Brief of Amicus Curiae of Gun Owners of America, et al.
06/13/11Amicus Curiae Steve Bullock and State of MontanaAmicus Brief by Steve Bullock and State of Montana
06/13/11Amicus Curiae Weapons Collectors Society of MontanaBrief of Amicus Weapons Collectors Society of Montana
06/13/11Amicus Curiae Thirty montana LegislatorsBrief of Amicus Thirty Montana Legislators
06/13/11Amicus Curiae States of AK, ID, MI, NE, SC, SD, WV, WY, UTAmicus brief for review submitted by States of: AK, ID, MI, NE, SC, SD, WV, WY, UT
06/09/11Amicus Curiae Pacific Legal FoundationBrief of Amicus Pacific Legal Foundation
06/08/11Amicus Curiae by Center for Constitutional JurisprudenceBrief of Amicus Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence
06/07/11OrderOrder re Opening Brief is Filed
06/06/11AppellantsOpening brief for review
06/05/11CourtOrder denying appellants’ unopposed motion to further stay appellate
05/02/11AppellantsAppellants Gary Marbut, Montana Shooting Sports Association and Second Amendment
02/23/11CourtOrder Granting Unopposed Motion to Stay Pending Disposition of Nordyke v. King
02/09/11AppellantsUnopposed Motion to Stay Proceedings
01/10/11CourtOrder re Mediation: The court has determined that this appeal will not be selected for inclusion in the Mediation Program
01/07/11CourtOrder re Mediation: The Case is Now Under Consideration for Inclusion in the Mediation Program.
01/04/11CourtAdded attorney Abby Christine Wright for Eric H. Holder Jr.
01/04/11AppelleeNotice of Appearance of Counsel
12/03/10AppellantsAppellants Correspondence to the Court: Notice to the Court Regarding Transcript on Appeal
12/03/10AppellantsMediation Questionnaire
12/03/10CourtAppellants Representation Statement
12/03/10CourtDocketed Cause and Appearances of Counsel