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Michel & Associates, P.C. provides periodic email news alerts.  Clients and potential clients are welcome to subscribe to these alerts on any topic that interests them.

Our Firm News alerts provide updates on the activities of our law firm and our lawyers, including significant cases, achievements, publications, and coverage of other developments.

Our Civil Rights News alerts provide information to assist you in knowing and exercising  your civil rights and updates on developments in this area of law, particularly in the areas of students’ rights, marijuana law, and Second Amendment rights.  Additionally, you can view Civil Rights legal resources by clicking here.

Our Environmental and Land Use Law alerts cover the latest developments in these areas of law, including game management. Additionally, you can view Environmental and Land Use Law resources by clicking here.

Our Firearms Law alerts identify the latest developments in Second Amendment civil rights litigation and regulatory compliance requirements.  Additionally, you can view Firearms Law resources by clicking here.

Our Labor and Employment Law alerts cover the current developments in these areas of law, including regulatory compliance issues and recent court and administrative decisions.  Additionally, you can view Labor and Employment Law resources by clicking here.

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Please note that content for some alerts are provided by our strategic partners, such as the California Rifle & Pistol Association.  For information on how your information is handled by these partners, click here.

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