NYPD Looking for Public Comment on Changes to Firearm Permit Application Process

The New York City Police Department intends to adopt amendments to its rules pertaining to handgun licenses, rifle/shotgun permits and organizations possessing rifles and shotguns. Through the proposed amendments, the police department is claiming to be streamlining the application process by removing some notary requirements, but it is seeking broader unconstitutional power to deny law-abiding New Yorkers their Second Amendment rights. Some of the proposed changes that would allow a denial of a license or permit application include: a poor driving record, termination of employment for reasons that demonstrate lack of good judgment or moral character, history of lost or stolen firearms, failure to pay legally required debts, demonstrated unwillingness to abide by the law, lack of candor toward lawful authorities, lack of concern for the safety of oneself or other “good causes.” We are further looking into these proposed changes.

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NYPD Looking for Public Comment on Changes to Firearm Permit Application Process

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