For our law enforcement clients and friends, the California Rifle & Pistol Association is now pleased to offer wallet sized reference cards explaining the application of the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (“LEOSA”), also known as H.R. 218 and codified at 18 U.S.C. §§ 926B and 926C. The wallet sized card summary of LEOSA will come in handy for off-duty officers and for retired officers carrying firearms while traveling interstate.

Police officers working in other states, and even in California, are often not familiar with the protections that LEOSA grants to officers traveling with firearms, and may not be aware that LEOSA enables off duty and retired officers to carry concealed firearms while traveling interstate. By popular demand, CRPA is offering these cards to its members and friends in law enforcement to raise awareness of LEOSA and its implications. Additional information about LEOSA is posted at the Michel & Associates website.

The LEOSA cards follow CRPA’s gun owner’s legal rights advisory materials (including gun safe stickers, magnets, warning notices, and pocket guides) that are offered for here.

California and federal firearm laws are very confusing. Complex, illogical, and obscure laws, regulations, and ordinances have made inadvertent violations increasingly common. And police, prosecutors, and judges are often just as confused as citizens. In a politicized prosecutorial environment, the consequences of even an unintentional violation can be severe. This is true even, and sometimes especially, for police officers. We believe that every gun owner should be aware of and should exercise his or her rights – this includes police traveling throughout California and the United States. These advisory resources should help police avoid problems when traveling with firearms.

Active CCW LEOSA Card  Retired CCW LEOSA Card

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