Op-Ed: Jeff Adachi Candidacy Tosses Life Preserver to San Francisco

By h. “Bulldog” Brown – August 13, 2011 Mission accomplished! Obviously this changes my endorsements. Jeff’s number one far and away. I’ll watch with interest as the shrill trolls screech in agony like moldy vampires caught in the deathly glare of the morning sun. Well, the sun burns a bit brighter today doesn’t it? Bloggers really can make a difference. But, can this poor old guy living in a humble SRO match big money mouthpieces like Nathan Ballard and Sam Singer and Tony Winnicker? You be the judge cause it’s, ‘Game on!!’ [Full article at: http://www.fogcityjournal.com/wordpress/2991/adachi-candidacy-tosses-life-preserver-to-san-francisco/ ]

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Op-Ed: Jeff Adachi Candidacy Tosses Life Preserver to San Francisco

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