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Environmental Law, Michel & Associates, P.C. - We handle Brownfield projects and work with clients on contaminated property characterization and remediation.

Increasingly complex environmental laws and challenging technical considerations confront practically every company doing business today. Michel & Associates, P.C. provides quality legal and technical services to those clients facing environmental issues in any regulatory or adversarial context.

Michel & Associates’ attorneys represent small, medium, and Fortune 500-sized companies, as well as developers, natural resource management advocacy groups, and individuals. Michel & Associates has assembled a unique team of individuals and consultants to achieve our clients’ goals. Our attorneys, support staff, engineers, scientists, experts and public relations advisors provide support and expertise at every stage and on every level.

We counsel clients to develop and implement best-management practices and promote regulatory compliance to prevent environmentally based conflicts from arising in the first place. When conflicts are unavoidable, we focus on resolving environmentally based conflicts responsibly and efficiently.

We often handle Brownfield projects and work with clients on contaminated property characterization and remediation. Michel & Associates, P.C.’s attorneys and experts evaluate the nature and extent of site contamination, estimate remediation costs, and define the potential development value and potential investment return within the chosen legal strategy.

Our attorneys also have extensive experience with environmental legislation such as CERCLA, RCRA, CEQA, NEPA, Proposition 65, the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts, and the Endangered Species Act. We are familiar with the application of those laws in the regulatory context, in multifaceted environmental litigation, and in prosecuting or defending against civil and criminal charges alleging environmental violations.

Michel & Associates, P.C.’s attorneys have handled many environmental matters of national prominence, including the Exxon Valdez oil spill, the follow-up Chromium VI cases made famous by the “Erin Brokovich” movie, the OII Superfund Site, the Denova Environmental Superfund Site, the Santa Margarita River adjudication, and Times Beach / Syntech chemical dioxin cost-allocation action.

Michel & Associates has a long history of experience counseling clients in resolving environmental regulatory compliance matters and litigation, and also in the increasingly interrelated land use legal practice area.  Michel & Associates, P.C.’s attorneys represent private and public landholders and developers before city councils, county boards, the State Coastal Commission, and other local, state and federal administrative bodies. We assist our clients in obtaining permits and other entitlements including general plan amendments, specific plans, zone changes, tract maps and development agreements. We also protect and advance our clients’ interests, including eminent domain concerns, by legislative advocacy before local, state and federal agencies.

Michel & Associates, P.C. has extensive experience in both environmental and land use issues. Our goal is to use our experience and knowledge to help our clients achieve their goals at a reasonable cost and in a manner consistent with good business practices. We use our experience and knowledge to help our clients plan proactively, identify their options, make wise choices, and achieve their objectives.

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