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The litigation practice of Michel and Associates, P.C. is civil and criminal, regulatory and commercial. Our attorneys litigate through trials, writs and appeals in state and federal courts and administrative forums across the country. Our firm’s litigation clientele consists of corporations, government and public entities, trade and lobbying associations, corporate officers and directors, and private individuals. Our clients come from a variety of industries, including manufacturing, wholesale, retail, entertainment, real estate, oil and gas, and sporting goods enterprises.

We strive to help our clients avoid expensive and time-consuming litigation when possible and appropriate. When appropriate or necessary however, our adversaries know that our lawyers will develop and implement hard-hitting and effective legal strategies, and that we are ready, willing and able to litigate and try cases before judges or juries and to obtain favorable results.

Michel & Associates, P.C. fields a team of exceptionally experienced, well-known dynamic trial lawyers and litigators. Our lawyers are known for devising and advocating practical solutions for complex legal disputes, often in highly charged political environments. Our senior lawyers have extensive trial experience.  We have successfully litigated and won many “scorched earth” and “bet the company” cases.

Michel & Associates’ lawyers readily adapt to the particular needs of each client. Our attorneys are keenly aware of the nonlegal issues underlying every lawsuit and familiarize themselves with the business, scientific, technical, economic and political issues of every case.  Considering the client’s needs and objectives, available resources, evidence, and judicial trends, our attorneys help clients evaluate litigation risks and develop litigation strategies that maximize awards and settlements and minimize potential liability exposure.

We recognize that at times a client’s goals may be best acheived through coordinated actions in more than one venue. We frequently utilize litigation in tandem with legislative and lobbying efforts as part of a broad plan to pursue a client’s objectives.  A regulatory barrier can often be overcome by government cooperation. We appear before administrative agencies and legislative bodies when appropriate to seek assistance.  The dispute that seems destined for long and costly private litigation may be resolved more efficiently through legislation, and the barrier to a business goal may be removed by advocacy before the executive branch. In matters where the government has an adverse stake, our understanding of administrative and legislative agendas often helps clients avoid or limit litigation.

When advantageous, our attorneys make use of alternative dispute resolution proceedings including arbitrations, mediations, and administrative agency proceedings. But in cases that do reach the courts, Michel & Associates, P.C. has the depth, size and experience necessary to conduct full-scale litigation and to win.

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