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Washington Times – CA Voters Consider Even Tougher Gun Control Laws (October, 2016)

Los Angeles Times – Ruling on Concealed Weapons Spotlights CA’s Key Role in Gun Control (June, 2016)

POLITICO – Newson on Obama’s Gun Move (January, 2016)

San Jose Mercury News – Obama’s Gun Control Actions Could Ripple Through California (January, 2016)

The New York Times – Supreme Court Won’t Hear Challenge to Assault Weapons Ban in Chicago Suburb (December, 2015)

The Wall Street Journal – San Bernardino Shooting Suspects Got Around Gun Laws (December, 2015)

Santa Cruz Sentinel – San Bernardino Shooting Stirs Gun Debate (December, 2015)

San Francisco Chronicle – Gun Purchases Up despite California’s Strict Firearms Laws (December, 2015)

Los Angeles Times – Supreme Court Appears To Give States, Localities Green Light on Gun Controls (December, 2015)

FOX News, National – San Francisco’s Iconic Last Gun Shop to Close Over New regulations (September, 2015)

The Trace – Why California is an Incubator for Tighter Gun Regulations (August, 2015)

San Jose Mercury News – Gun Rights In California: Court to Hear Another Showdown (June, 2015)

Los Angeles Times – Appeals Court to Reconsider Ruling Against San Diego Gun-Control Rule (March, 2015)

California Concealed Carry in Jeopardy?, NRA News (April, 2015)

America’s Battle Over Gun Control, Larry King Now, Ora TV (April, 2015)

Gun Grabbing Sweeping The Nation, FOX News (April, 2015)

Appeals Court To Reconsider Peruta, Los Angeles Times (March, 2015)

Sunnyvale’s Gun Restrictions Upheld, San Jose Mercury News (March, 2015)

Circuit Court Orders Rehearing of Landmark Case, (March, 2015)

America’s First Freedom Magazine, NRA Publications – California Lowers the Bar (December, 2014) – Is Concealed carry a Privilege or a Right? (December, 2014)

Los Angeles Times – California Can’t Challenge Ruling On Concealed Guns, Court Says (November, 2014)

FOX News San Diego – Attorney General Appeals Decision Loosening Concealed Carry Rules (November, 2014)

Bloomberg News – California Loses Bid To Revisit Ruling Striking Gun Rules (November, 2014)

PBS News – Getting a Concealed Weapons Permit Could get easier in California ( November, 2014)

Businessweek – You Want To Go Out With Your Colt. Will America Let You? (September, 2014)

Portland Press Herald – Gun-Carry Case Closely Watched (September, 2014)

Breitbart News – Second Amendment Drama at the Supreme Court Has Implications For 2016 (May, 2014)

Associated Press – NRA’s Quest to Expand Gun Rights Takes it to Court (April, 2014)

Huffington Post – How the Supreme Court Gave the NRA a Big Helping Hand ( September, 2014)

NPR – California Fight Over Concealed Weapons Could Head to High Court (March, 2014)

San Jose Mercury News – Concealed Carry Rules Eased By Federal Court

San Jose Mercury News – Gun Rights Showdown Over Sunnyvale Law Reaches Appeals Court

FOX News – New Regulations Driving Smith & Wesson Out of California (January, 2014)

FOX News – Anaheim Girl Forced to Remove NRA T-Shirt (October, 2013)

NRA News – C.D. Michel

NRA News – CRPA Interview

AP – NRA’s Quest to Expand Gun Rights Takes it to Court

CBS News – NRA targets SF

CBS News – Chuck Michel Secures Landmark Victory in Peruta v. San Diego

CBS News – Sunnyvale Voters To Decide Gun Control Ballot Measure

NBC News – NRA To Challenge Sunnyvale Gun Control Law

NBC News – The Most Hated Gun in America

NPR – Peruta Case Could End Up in the Supreme Court

Washington Post – NRA Sues City of Sunnyvale

Washington Times – CA Attorney General Will Intervene in Peruta Ruling

Los Angeles Times – Appeals Court Upholds SF law.

Wall Street Journal – Appeals Court Upholds Ban on Trigger Lock & Hollow Point

San Francisco Chronicle – NRA to Contest Sunnyvale Gun Law

San Jose Mercury News – CA Attorney General Will Intervene in Peruta Ruling.

San Jose Mercury News – Chuck Michel Secures Landmark Victory in Peruta v. San Diego

Sonoran News – Victims

NY Sun – Bloomberg V. NRA

NRA-ILA – Law Symposium

Los Angeles Times – Confusing gun laws

Los Angeles Times – Missing facts

ABC KXTV – Gary Tudesko

FOX KTXL – Gary Tudesco

CBS – Gary Tudesco

Human Events – Obama impact

Ammoland – Purchase lists


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Chuck Michel on Larry King Live.

Chuck Michel, Senior Partner at Michel & Associates, counsel to the NRA, on Larry King Live

Chuck Michel on FOX News.

Chuck Michel, Senior Partner, Michel and Associates, and attorney for Ed Peruta in the Second Amendment case, Peruta v. San Diego: Discusses growing impact of this important gun rights case.

Chuck Michel for Associated Press feature

Chuck Michel - Michel & Associates

Chuck Michel on FOX & Friends


Chuck Michel in California Lawyer

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