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As a service to existing and potential clients, Michel & Associates, P.C. makes a variety of materials and information available.

Our reference materials are sorted by subject matter to provide a variety of information and links to provide background information and answers to frequently asked questions about the legal and court system and on developments within the areas of law in which we practice.  These pages also hosts a variety of free materials that anyone can order simply by sending a stamped self address envelope to the firm requesting these items.

The Client Services page provides information for our clients to assist them in keeping informed about their legal matters, and to keep clients apprised of firm policies, procedures, and practices.

General Reference Materials

Client Services
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Legal Practice Area Reference Materials

Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution Information
Civil Rights Reference Materials
Employment Law Reference Materials
Criminal Justice Reference Materials 
Environmental/Land Use Law Reference Materials
Firearms Law Reference Materials

If the above links and materials do not answer your questions concerning state or federal law, you may email your question to our office.  Please click the “Request A Case Evaluation” button located on the left column and bottom center of this page.  Send us your name, telephone number, and your question with as  much detail as possible so that we may better assist you.  Our staff will contact you concerning your question, discuss where to locate the information you are looking for and/or discuss options for retaining our services to assist you in answering your question.

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