Environmental / Land Use Law Reference Materials

Environmental law is a particularly complex field. There are thousands of state statutes and 100 times as many cases interpreting these laws. That does not include the countless regulations, local laws and ordinances, treatises and articles, not to mention complex and comprehensive overlapping federal laws and regulations.

In an effort to help with questions free of charge, we have produced several summaries of the law for guidance, as well as links to state and federal agencies website. We have also compiled a list of reference sources below that you should find helpful.

Federal Laws and Regulations
Federal Environmental Laws
List of Federal Environmental Regulations
U.S. EPA Compliance and Enforcement Policy and Guidance Documents
U.S. EPA Regulations for Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (CERCLA)
Council on Environmental Quality Regulations for Implementing NEPA
A Citizen’s Guide to the NEPA
U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration

California Laws and Regulations
California EPA Laws and Regulations
California Air Resources Board Laws and Regulations
California Department of Pesticide Regulation
California DTSC Laws and Regulations
California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment Laws and Regulations (Prop. 65)
California State Water Resources Control Board Laws and Regulations
List of California Human Health Screening Levels
CA Natural Resources Agency – CEQA and EIR Guidelines

Environmental Auditing
California DTSC Policies & Procedures for Hazardous Waste Management Program
California DTSC Policies and Procedures for Site Mitigation and Brownfields Reuse Program
CAL/EPA Recommended Guidance on Incentives for Voluntary Disclosure
Inspections Procedures for Responding to Environmental Inspections

Natural Resources Management and Conservation Reference Materials
California Hunting Regulations 2009 – 2012
California Hunting Regulations for Big Game and Other Mammals (Effective through 6.30.11)
California Hunting Regulations for Waterfowl and Upland Game (Effective through 6.30.11)
CA Hunting Digest 2010: Upland Game and Waterfowl
CA Hunting Digest 2010: Big Game
Safari Club International
AB 821 Ridley-Tree Act

Pittman-Robertson Wildlife Restoration Act of 1937
The Pittman Robertson Act
Senate Bill 1702 – Amendments to Pittman-Robertson Act
Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act
Pittman-Robertson Wildlife Restoration Program Budget 2011

Special Interest Reference Materials
Shooting Range Environmental Reference Materials
Stormwater Reference Materials
Underground Storage Tank Reference Materials
Fireworks, Pyrotechnics, and Explosives Resources
EPA Guidelines for Lead at Outdoor Shooting Ranges

Notable Articles
Taxpayers Get the Tab for Lawsuits

Federal Regulatory Agencies
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Occupational Safety & Health Administration
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
U.S. National Park Service
U.S. Forest Service
The Bureau of Land Management

California Regulatory Agencies
Department of Toxic Substances Control
Air Quality Management District
Department of Fish & Wildlife
Division of Occupational Health & Safety
Parks and Recreation
Department of Forest & Fire Protection

County Regulatory Agencies
Department of Public Health
Department of Regional Planning

Local Regulatory Agencies
Fire Department
City Planning Department

For Further Assistance

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