Importation and “Sporting Purposes”

Legal Memoranda
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ATF Rulings & Studies

2010-9 — Supporting Documentation for Import Permit Applications
This ruling allows importers to submit any photocopies of supporting documents with ATF Form 6 (Application and Permit for Importation of Firearms, Ammunition and Implements of War), provided they certify that the information is true and accurate.  This ruling also allows eForm 6 filers to submit scanned documents.

2011-1 — Consolidation of Required Records for Importers
ATF authorizes licensed importers to consolidate their records of importation or other acquisition of firearms and their separate firearms disposition records.

Department of Treasury Study on the Sporting Suitability of Modified Semiautomatic Assault Rifles

Court Decisions and Precedent
Gilbert Equipment Company, Inc. v. Higgins
Springfield, Inc. v. Buckles