Restoring the Right to Possess Firearms

Due to increased regulation of the possession of firearms and the expansion of the types of convictions (increasingly relatively minor) and other proceedings that result in a firearms possession prohibition, an increasing number of individuals are finding themselves subject to firearm restrictions — often well after a conviction is suffered.

Restoration of firearm rights is an arcane and narrow legal specialty.  Michel & Associates, P.C. is one of the few law firms that has developed this legal practice area. We receive frequent inquiries regarding restoring one’s right to possess firearms after those rights are lost due to a criminal conviction, mental health evaluation or commitment, the issuance of a protective order, court probation order, or by other means.

While much of the work in trying to restore one’s rights involves law and motion practice and court appearances by lawyers, some of the “fact gathering” work does not necessarily require a legal background.  To provide good value to our clients, and to assist our clients and potential clients in the most cost-effective manner possible, we have developed a system that streamlines the evaluation of the chances of success in each case, and provides our clients with options in deciding whether to proceed and how much work they would like us to perform on their behalf.

The reference materials posted below will facilitate the process and provide you with background on the system and the court review process. These materials explain the law regarding whether a criminal conviction (or convictions) or other governmental restriction suffered in the past prohibits someone from owning firearms, and, if so, whether the restriction(s) can be cleared from a person’s records so that they could once again legally own or possess firearms or ammunition.


Step 1: Read These Michel & Associates, P.C. Memorandums
Rights Restoration Overview
What is a Criminal History Record?

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Step 3: Read More About Rights Restoration Topics Below

Legal Memoranda on Loss of Second Amendment Rights
BATFE Memo: When A Prior Conviction Qualifies
as a Misdemeanor Crime of Domestic Violence (MCDV)

Appeals of Purchase Denials
NICS Guide for Appealing a Firearm Transfer Denial
FBI Voluntary Appeal File Brochure
Customers who would like to appeal a denied transaction can email the NICS Section at:

Significant Court Decisions and Legal Precedent
Collected Court Rulings

Policy Publications
Collateral Damage Report
Issues Related to Possession of Firearms by Individuals with Mental Illness:
An Overview Using California as an Example

Gun Laws and Mental Illness: How Sensible Are the Current Restrictions 

Agency Publications
DOJ Bulletin to All California District Attorneys

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