Representative Clients

A-1 Smog, Inc.
ABC Barge, Inc.
Academi Training Center, Inc.
AcuSport Corporation
Addax Tactical
Advanced Environmental, Inc.
Advanced Resources, Inc.
Alexander Demolition & Hauling
Alioto Fish Market
All Broadband Services, Inc.
All Valley Disposal
Alta Mesa Gun Club
Amberwick Corporation
American California Property Management Co.
American Entertainment Armorers Association (AEAA)
Americlean, Inc.
American Firearms Software
American Metaseal
Andrews Sporting Goods
Angeles Shooting Range
ArmaLite Inc.
Asbury Environmental, Inc.
Ashai Design
Association for a Cleaner Environment (ACE)
Atlanta Attachment Company
Atlas Sales, Inc.
Avitar Sports, Inc.

B&B Wholesale, Inc.
B&L Productions, Inc.
Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, Inc.
Bad Boy Bail Bonds, Inc.
Ban’s Cleaners
Bell, James (Police Officer)
Bicicletas Carlitos, Inc.
Blackwater USA
Big 5 Corporation, Inc.
Big 5 Sporting Goods
Brentwood Rod & Gun Club
Broco Environmental, Inc.
Bud K. Worldwide, Inc.
Buddy Corporation
Bumble Bee Distribution
Burbank Housing Corporation

CA Firearms Manufacturing Alliance
Cal Oil, Inc.

California Association of Firearms Retailers (CAFR)
California Earth Minerals, Inc.
California Rifle and Pistol Association (CRPA)
California Rifle and Pistol Association Foundation (CRPAF)
California Sporting Goods Association
Care More Outreach, Inc.
Catalina Classic Cruises, Inc.
Chabot Gun Club
Cheaper Than Dirt, Inc.
Chowchilla Sportsmen’s Club
Citizens for a Safe Ventura County
City of Redondo Beach
City of Stockton
Clearwater Environmental Management, Inc.
Cobra Pistols of Utah
Colt’s Manufacturing, LLC
Columbia Energy Partners
Communication Relay Corporation
Congress of Racial Equality (CORE)
Cope’s Distributing, Inc. 
Crocker Plating, Inc.
Crosby & Overton, Inc.
Crossroads of the West Gun Show

Dan Wesson Firearms
D/K Environmental, Inc.
Dennis, Herschel (USC Football)
Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership
Dodge City Gunshop

East Los Angeles Orthopedic
Ecko, Ltd.
EFX Innovations, LLC
Evergreen Oil Company
Enterprise Arms, Inc.
Eurocraft Construction

F+W (formerly F&W Publications)
Fabricote, Inc.
Fifty Caliber Institute
Flamingo Cleaners
Freedom Sportfishing, Inc.
Friends of the Colorado Lagoon

Gibbons, Ltd.
Good Automotive Repair
Great Western Gun Show
Guns & Ammo Magazine

H & C Waste Disposal, Inc.
Harbor Front Properties
Harding Construction & Sustainable Solutions
HCI Environmental & Engineering, Inc.
Herb Bauer Sporting Goods
Homeblown, LLC
Horusvision, Inc.
Hunt, Edward (Fresno District Attorney)
Huntington Beach Police Officer’s Assn.

IMACC Corporation
Independent Car Rental
Independent Studio Services, Inc.
Industrial Zinc Plating, Inc.
Intercoastal, LLC

Jennings Firearms, Inc.
John’s Auto Repair

K&L Plating
Kaiser Resource Corporation
Kekropia, Inc.
KMart Corporation
Kemco, Inc.

Laminating Company of America
Law Enforcement Alliance of America
Lawyers Second Amendment Society
Long Beach Affordable Housing Coalition
Long Beach/Hush Citizens Group
Los Altos Rod and Gun Club
Lucky’s Two-Way Radios
Lynwood Rod & Gun Club

MariMeds Now, Inc.
Martinez Gun Club
Masters, William
Maualuga, Rey (USC Football)
McMann’s Roadrunner Gun Shows
Midway Rent-a-Car
Military Vehicle Technology Foundation

Mouren-Laurens Oil Company, Inc.
MOOG, Inc.
Myers Drum Company

National Airsoft Sports Industry Association
National Association of Arms Shows
National Shooting Sports Foundation
National Demolition
National Rifle Association
Newman Swamp Rats
Nevada County Sportsmen, Inc.
Nonferro, Inc.

O’Conner, Steven (Police Officer)
Olde West Gun & Loan Inc
Oldtimer’s Housing Development Corporation
Oshman’s Sporting Goods
Otherside Farms Collective
Otherside Farms Information Center

Pacific Broadband Technical Services, Inc.
Pacific Rod and Gun Club
Pacific Tugboats Services, Inc.
Pacific Used Oil Services
Palm Springs Plating
Palos Verdes Land Fill
Pan American Banana Company
Papadakis, John
Parkcrest Development Corporation
Pat McCullough
Pearson Marine Fuels, Inc.
Penn Transportation, Inc.
Pepperdine University
Popper, John (Musician)
Port of Redwood
Portable Air of California
Powerski International Corporation
Precision Design Products
Premier Sportfishing, Inc.
Primedia, Inc.
Proto Labs, Inc.

Quality Air Service
Quest Preservation

R.D.P. General Contractors
Rancho Cold Storage
Redondo Beach Police Shooting Range
Reed’s Sport Shop, Inc.
Refinery Services, Inc.
Riverside County Sheriff’s Department
Rodriguez, Thomas (Police Officer)
Russ Bassett Corporation

Sacramento Trap Club
Saddle Creek Corporation
San Diego Towing and Marine Services, Inc
San Francisco Veteran Police Officer’s Assoc.
San Gabriel Valley Gun Club, Inc.
San Pedro Boat Works, Inc.
Seagal, Steven (Actor)
Self Defense Foundation
Sepia Homes, Inc.
Shoreline Medical
Sig Sauer, Inc. (formerly Sigarms)
Slide Fire Solutions
Smith & Wesson
So. CA Guns
Sodexho Marriott Corporation
South Gate Rod & Gun Club
Southland Corporation
Special Tactical Services, LLC
Specialized Distribution, Inc.
Spinnin’ Dirty, LLC
Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute (SAAMI)
Sportsman’s Warehouse, Inc.
Steam Roller Productions
Steelworkers Oldtimers Foundation

The Hand Prop Room
The Sports Authority
Tower Health, Inc.
Trump National Golf Club
Turner’s Outdoorsman

U.S. Optics
UCI Hospital Group
United States Training Center
Universal City Inn

Vroman, Norm (Mendocino District Attorney)
V-K Sports, Inc.
V-M Enterprises, Inc.

Warren Resources, Inc.
W.H. Tank Lines, Inc.
West End Gun Club
Western Waste, Inc
Whittier Drun & Vacuum, Inc.
Wright, Eric (USC Football)
Wright, Manuel (USC Football)

Y&S Auto Body

Zacker Automotive Recyclers, Inc.