Shooting Range Reference Materials

Template “Letter From Shooting Range to Real Estate Sellers / Agents”
Idaho Sports Shooting Activities Immunity Act: A Model Law
Proposition 65 Warning Flier

Ballistic References
Air Force Ballistic Performance Test Report, 2009
National Defense Authorization Act (2010)

Noise Management
USAFC(A) Indoor Baffle Range Noise Abatement Brief
Department of the Army, “Baffle Range Sound Attenuation”

Best Management Practices
Army Small Arms Training Range Best Management Practices Guide (2005)

Environmental References
EPA Best Management Practices for Lead at Outdoor Ranges
Range En-surance: Environmental Safeguards to Keep Your Range in Operation
Lead Contamination at Small Arms Ranges – U.S. Air Force
Characterization and Remediation of Soils at Closed Small Arms Firing Ranges – Interstate Technology & Regulatory Council (
Environmental Management at Operating Outdoor Small Arms Firing Ranges – Interstate Technology & Regulatory Council (
NSSF Lead Management & OSHA Compliance for Indoor Ranges
Fact Sheet: Lead Contamination at Military Small Arms Firing Ranges

Ventilation Systems
Industrial Ventillation: A Manual of Recommended Practice for Operation and Maintenance

NRA Ranges Services Division
National Shooting Sports Foundation Association of Shooting Ranges

Range Design
Air Force Small Arms Range Design and Construction Technical Letter (2006)
NRA Shooting Range Services – Range Products, Materials and Services

Experts and Consultants
Environmental Range Protection
Minnesota’s Shooting Range Protection Act

Regulatory Agencies
California DTSC

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