White House Online Privacy Report Is Important First Step

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: (202) 675-2312; media@dcaclu.org WASHINGTON – The White House released a new report today on consumer online privacy. As well as outlining the core principles the Obama administration believes should underpin consumer privacy, the report also calls for a “multi-stakeholder” process. That process would allow consumer and civil liberties groups, businesses, academics and government personnel to come together and reach solutions that would put the report’s principles into place. In addition to the White House’s report, the Federal Trade Commission announced that it has secured a commitment from the Digital Advertising Alliance to honor browsers which use a “Do Not Track” header, allowing online users to opt out of targeted advertising. “Day by day, we live more of our lives online, shopping, managing bank accounts and communicating with friends and family. It’s crucial that the information we share is properly safeguarded,” said Christopher Calabrese, ACLU legislative counsel. “It’s very encouraging to see the Obama administration making this issue a priority. Americans need clear and distinct policies in place when it comes to the kind of access law enforcement and private companies have to their online information.”