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Michel & Associates, P.C. employs a talented team of legal advocates that emphasize performance, quality, and efficiency. Michel & Associates attorneys have extensive experience in all phases of civil and criminal litigation. This includes formulating complex case strategies and tactics, handling complex discovery, substantive and procedural motion practice, all manners of pretrial proceedings, as well as trials, writs, and appeals.

Michel & Associates attorneys are exceptionally experienced, well-known and dynamic trial lawyers and litigators. We are known for devising and advocating practical solutions for complex legal disputes, often in a highly charged political environment. When push comes to shove, our adversaries know that our litigators develop creative and hard hitting legal strategies, and are ready, willing, and able to try the case before a judge or jury, and will win a favorable verdict.

Winning cases does not come easy. Our staff, having worked for some of the most respected governmental entities and private law firms, has the talent, skill, experience, and sensitivity to get the job done. These abilities, supported by our strong practical orientation and our devotion to our clients’ causes, assure clients of the best possible results in the most cost effective manner possible.

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C.D. Michel
Joshua Robert Dale
Anna M. Barvir
Sean A. Brady
Tiffany D. Cheuvront
Matthew D. Cubeiro
Joseph Di Monda
Scott M. Franklin
Clint B. Monfort
Eric M. Nakasu
Michael W. Price
Tamara Rider
Joseph A. Silvoso, III
W. Lee Smith