Michael W. Price


For the past 20 years, Michael W. Price has maintained a private practice in criminal defense.  He has successfully represented clients charged with felonies and misdemeanors throughout California.  He is a master negotiator and skilled trial lawyer, and excels in getting the disposition or trial result that his clients want.

Mr. Price has defended many thousands of clients, with charges ranging from shoplifting, drug possession, DUI’s, and simple assaults to more serious charges such as possession of illegal weapons, Grand Theft Auto, domestic violence, hit-&-run, and homicide.  Mr. Price also represents criminal appellants seeking to challenge their pleas, convictions, or sentences suffered as a result of official misconduct, misapplication of the law, or ineffective assistance of other counsel. 

Whether handling a client’s matter in preliminary hearing, at trial, or on appeal, Mr. Price understands the emotional toll on his clients, and uses his empathetic and compassionate nature to guide clients through a harrowing process to resolution.  As with all clients, Mr. Price is equally passionate about representing clients who get caught up in California’s labyrinthine firearm laws.  These firearm cases hold a special significance for Mr. Price, because he is a staunch defender of the Second Amendment.