California – Coming clean on ‘dirty DUIs’ in Contra Costa County

A whistle-blower tells how a private detective arranged for men to be arrested for drunk driving at the behest of their ex-wives and their lawyers — and that entrapment using decoys was only one of many alleged misdeeds. By Maura Dolan, Los Angeles Times October 16, 2011, 8:07 p.m. Reporting from Martinez, Calif.— David Dutcher met Sharon on in late 2008, a few months after separating from his wife. “We had a lot in common,” he recalled. Sharon loved four-wheel-drive trucks and sports. They met for coffee, then dinner. Sharon was tall, slender, blond and beautiful. She moaned that she had not had sex in a long time. She told him he had large, strong hands and wondered if that portended other things. She described his kisses as “yummy.” “It felt a lot like Christmas,” said Dutcher, 49, a tall, burly engineer with wavy red hair. On their second date, Sharon suggested they join one of her friends “who was partying because she had closed a real estate deal,” Dutcher said. They drove to…[For full story:,0,7922829.story ]

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California – Coming clean on ‘dirty DUIs’ in Contra Costa County

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