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Michel & Associates, P.C. has one of the most recognized and well-respected firearms law practices in the nation. For years, we have helped our clients to achieve their goals.

Firearms law is a unique and challenging specialty.  Our firearms law attorneys are former prosecutors, trial lawyers, retired state legislators, constitutional law professors, and authors of best-selling firearms law books and articles. Together, our group is unparalleled in firearms law and firearms-related litigation and advocacy.

Among other things, our attorneys appear at agency and legislative rule-making proceedings that impact firearm owner interests, assist in drafting firearms legislation, represent clients in firearm licensing matters, represent firearms manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers in product liability litigation, defend against firearms-related criminal charges, and challenge ill-conceived or unconstitutional state laws and local ordinances in court.

Our clients include the National Rifle Association, the California Rifle and Pistol Association, law enforcement agencies and officers, industry trade associations, gun shows, importers, manufacturers, distributors, dealers, indoor and outdoor shooting ranges, special-effects companies, prop houses, armories, pyrotechnicians, and individuals who face firearms-related federal or state licensing and compliance issues or criminal charges. Michel & Associates, P.C. is Preferred Counsel for firearm retailer advocate FFLGuard for all California firearms issues including legislative advocacy, litigation, and regulatory compliance advice.

We constantly adapt our firearms law practice to respond to changes in firearms laws and the political environment. For example, the firearms law group now works closely with the firm’s environmental and land use lawyers to advise shooting ranges on environmental concerns specific to such facilities. Those attorneys also work with hunters on game and natural resource management issues across the country.

California state statutes regulating firearm manufacture, distribution, sale, and possession now number more than 700. That number does not include regulations, local ordinances, and the written and unwritten policies of the California Department of Justice. As former California Attorney General Dan Lungren recognized, thanks to political influences California firearms laws are now as complex as the state’s byzantine environmental and tax laws.  Michel & Associates, P.C.’s attorneys are familiar with the confusing and often inconsistent firearms laws, and know how to cut through the red tape to achieve our clients’ goals.

Whether challenging a law’s constitutionality, advocating to invalidate or change a law, or simply determining the most cost-effective way to comply with it, our lawyers have been there. We know where to find answers when illogical, ill-conceived and poorly implemented laws do not provide them. We know the state and local requirements and politics. Our network of professional relationships includes politicians and political staffers, as well as staff at regulatory agencies administrating firearms laws.

Our unique and extensive firearms law and litigation experience enables us to address increasingly complex regulatory schemes to meet our clients’ legal needs.

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