Top 3 Small Business Slip and Fall Accident Tips

Avoiding slip and fall accidents at your business is crucial to limiting your liability. In order to do so, it is imperative that you and your employees take affirmative steps to reduce your risk. Here are three key areas to watch out for to avoid slip and fall accidents. If you fail to monitor them, your business might find itself on the wrong end of a lawsuit. 1. Floors Keep floors dry and clear. You need to make sure someone monitors the cleanliness of the floors . The longer an item remains on the floor, the more the legal presumption of liability is stacked against you. If you leave the floor wet, you’re putting your business at risk for slip and fall accidents. Here are a few floor related situations that have landed many a small business owner in court. Failing to put up a sign saying that the floor is being cleaned and is wet Failing to close off a slippery area Using a too much wax 2. Stairs Stairs are another area of potential liability . Stairs can become worn or damaged over time. Edges may be sharp or rounded and cause someone to injure themselves. If you know or should have known of a dangerous condition on your stairs, you have an obligation to fix it. 3. Escalators and Elevators Escalators and elevators get a lot of business owners into hot water. With all the moving parts comes an increased risk of injury. On top of that, some courts impose a higher standard of safety on owners and operators of escalators and elevators. Articles of clothing, such as shoes can get caught in escalators, as can hands and feet. Conclusion : Small business slip and fall incidents can be very costly. In sum, make sure that your business is being vigilant about the potential liability of slip and fall accidents. You should also check your liability insurance with you slip and fall attorney and be certain that you have sufficient coverage. Fail to take some precautions and you may find yourself looking for a slip and fall attorney to defend a lawsuit. Related Resources: Conditions Leading to Outdoor Slip and Fall Accidents (FindLaw) Slip and Fall: FAQ (FindLaw) Storm in Progress Doctrine: Order, MANDLER v. ALEXANDER’S REGO SHOPPING CENTER, INC (NY Sup. Ct. Queens County)

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Top 3 Small Business Slip and Fall Accident Tips

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