McDonald v. City of Chicago


Filing DateFiling PartyDocument Description
9/22/2011PlaintiffORDER, mailed notice
9/22/2011CourtMINUTE Entry. Plaintiff’s Total Recovery
9/22/2011CourtPlaintiff’s Motion for Attorney Fees is Granted
9/19/2011Plaintiff(Unopposed) Notice of Motion
9/19/2011PlaintiffJOINT STATEMENT
9/19/2011PlaintiffMEMORANDUM in support of motion for attorney fees
9/19/2011PlaintiffMOTION for attorney fees (unopposed)
6/25/2011CourtOPINION from the USCA for the 7th Circuit
6/24/2011CourtMANDATE of USCA
3/04/2011CourtNOTICE of Correction regarding transcript
3/04/2011CourtDOCUMENT entered in error
2/10/2011CourtTranscript of Proceedings – Motion Before Honorable Milton I. Shadur
1/20/2011CourtTRANSMITTED to the USCA for the 7th Circuit the long record on appeal
1/07/2011CourtSupplement to MEMORANDUM Opinion and Order
1/07/2011CourtMINUTE entry. Supplement to Memorandum Opinion and Orders
1/04/2011CourtACKNOWLEDGEMENT of receipt
1/04/2011PlaintiffTRANSMITTED to the 7th Circuit
1/04/2011CourtNOTICE of Appeal Due letter
1/04/2011PlaintiffNOTICE of appeal regarding orders
1/03/2011PlaintiffMEMORANDUM Opinion and Order on mailed notice
1/03/2011CourtMINUTE entry motion is denied
12/29/2010CourtMINUTE entry, motion for attorney fees is entered and continued
12/27/2010PlaintiffMotion for Attorney’s Fees
12/27/2010PlaintiffMotion for Attorney’s Fees
10/12/2010CourtMINUTE entry dismissed as moot.
9/16/2010CourtCERTIFIED Copy of BILL of COSTS
9/16/2010CourtCERTIFIED Copy of BILL of COSTS
9/16/2010CourtCERTIFIED Copy of BILL of COSTS3
9/16/2010CourtCERTIFIED copy of order dated August 25, 2010
9/16/2010CourtCERTIFIED Copy of USCA Order
9/16/2010CourtMANDATE of USCA
1/04/2010CourtTRANSMITTED to the US Supreme Court