Active and Retired Law Enforcement Officer “Assault Weapon” Possession

Assault Weapon Acquisition and Registration by Sworn Peace Officers
Attorney General Opinion No. 09-901
California Peace Officers Association Client Alert re Possession of an Assault Rifle by an Officer After Retirement is Not Permitted
Kern County PRAR Responsive Documents 
Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department PRAR Responsive Documents
City of Sacramento Letter to Retired Officer Concerning Forfeiture of His-Her Registered Assault Weapon
DOJ Letter to Retired Officer Concerning Forfeiture of His Registered Assault Weapon
DOJ Letter Re Assault Weapons to be Retained by Officers
DOJ Letter to CA Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police re Assault Weapons
DOJ Opinion Re Peace Officer Possession of Assault Weapons After Retirement
Assault Weapons Legal Update 2011 Powerpoint Presentation

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