Targeting Distracted Driving on Company Time

Concerned about distracted driving on company time? Well, you should be. Whether or not an employee is in a company car, he’s at work. This means that his distracted driving may be your legal responsibility. And with distracted driving causing nearly 20 percent of harmful car crashes , it’s a big responsibility to bear. Enter ZoomSafer, an application designed to help you protect your business and target distracted driving amongst your employees. A large chunk of accident-related deaths and injuries can be attributed to cell phone usage, which is just the type of distraction ZoomSafer, and its sister application FleetSafer Vision (FSV), aim to prevent. ZoomSafer and FSV can be installed on nearly all cell phones –smart and otherwise–allowing business owners to disable texting, tweeting, and a myriad of other features while an employee is behind the wheel. It also uses GPS to determine whether employees are speeding. If a program like ZoomSafer is not an attractive option for your business, it’s still important to make sure your employees drive as distraction-free as possible. Even if your state doesn’t require hands-free devices, make them mandatory. You can also monitor cell phone usage–including texts and data–via phone bills and cross-reference that information with time in the field. The fact is that distracted driving accidents are something you can help prevent while your employees are on company time. And as for ZoomSafer, cell phones aren’t going anywhere, so you might as well figure out how to integrate them safely into your business before a real problem arises. Related Resources: ZoomSafer Raises $1.1 Million, Seeks To Prevent ‘Distracted Driving’ (TechCrunch) An Employer’s Liability for Employee’s Acts (FindLaw) Distracted Driving (FindLaw) Distracted Driving: More States Strengthen Cell Phone, Texting Laws (FindLaw’s Injured) More Distracted Driving Tales: Changing Clothes While Driving? (FindLaw’s Legally Weird)

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Targeting Distracted Driving on Company Time

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