Rupp v. Becerra

Filing DateFiling PartyDocument Description
   U. S. District Court for the Southern District of California
9/11/2017  PlaintiffFirst Amended Complaint for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief
8/8/2017 DefendantStipulation to Extend Time to Respond to Initial Complaint by Not More Than 30 Days
8/4/2017 CourtTEXT ONLY ENTRY (IN CHAMBERS) ORDER DISCHARGING ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE: The Court is in receipt of Plaintiffs timely-filed Notice and Acknowledgment of Receipt of Summons and Complaint in response to the Order to Show Cause. The Order to Show Cause issued July 31, 2017 is hereby DISCHARGED. THERE IS NO PDF DOCUMENT ASSOCIATED WITH THIS ENTRY.  
8/1/2017 PlaintiffNotice and Acknowledgment of Receipt of Summons and Complaint 
 7/31/2017Court Minute Order re Order to Show Cause re Dismissal 
4/26/2017 Court Notice of Interested Parties 
4/26/2017 Court Initial Standing Order
4/26/2017 Court Notice to File Notice of Interested Parties
4/26/2017 Court Issued Summons 
4/26/2017 Court Notice to Parties of Court Directed ADR Program 
4/26/2017 Court Notice of Assignment 
4/24/2017 Plaintiff Civil Cover Sheet
4/24/2017 Plaintiff Request for Summons 
4/24/2017 PlaintiffComplaint for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief